Lateral Strategies


is an international consulting and training firm with a unique approach to community development, popular education, staff training and crime prevention. Our goal is to help communities and individuals re-initiate their creative capacity.


Our 50 years of combined experience has proven that communities can find creative and non-linear ways to further their own development. Lateral Strategies teaches the skills of performance and improvisation as a means to help communities and organizations develop leadership, build teams, enhance communication and build community spirit. We assist community members in creating new choices for themselves in environments that sometimes present limited options such as violence and substance abuse.


We also help community members, especially young people, perform as competent community builders. Our method of training is experiential. We create and deliver developmental programs in which we put people on stage (both literally and figuratively). Participants in our trainings and workshops perform in new ways. They play different characters, try out different behaviors, learn to respect viewpoints other than their own and create transformational environments.

Our staff trainings are custom designed to meet the specific needs of a wide range of communities, agencies, companies and organizations, whether urban or rural-based. They are aimed at organizations that recognize the importance of building solid internal communication, both at the staff and client level, as well as improving inter-agency communication.

Our level of involvement can range from a single day workshop to a full-fledged community-engaged theatre project, the latter drawing on the talents of top theatre artists.